Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project

The Mayerson Student Philanthropy Project is an initiative of NKU and the Manuel D. and Rhoda Mayerson Foundation in Cincinnati, and it is managed by NKU's Scripps Howard Center for Civic Engagement.  The goal is to give students the opportunity to learn philanthropy first-hand by being grant makers in the classroom.  With the original model - the "direct giving" model" - the Mayerson project provides funds to a handful of classes each semester.  The students research, write about, discuss and ultimately select local nonprofit organizations in which to invest the funds.  To date, students in Mayerson classes have invested about $350,000 in more than 200 nonprofits in Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.  A couple of years ago, the Scripps Howard Center added a new model of student philanthropy.  The "indirect giving" model partners one class per semester with Citi's regional office in Florence, Kentucky.  The students review and evaluate funding requests submitted to Citi by local nonprofit organizations, and they make recommendations to Citi's corporate philanthropy program. For more information, please visit

To get a better feel of what the Mayerson project is and where we will be going with it this semester, please view whe following video:

Professor Johnston