Barbara Houghton


Emeritus Professor of Art/Photography



Political Prayers: Trump's First 100 days in office with some afterward images. These images critique what was happening within the Trump administration and the missteps made by politicians who put party over country, or have no knowledge of how government actually works here or on the world stage.

Destination: based on a quote from Henry Miller "One's destination is never a place but a new way of seeing things."

Power & Protection: This artist book and portfolio examines my earliest views on my relationship with my religion. It tosses fun at the fact that children don’t understand symbolic language as adults might and rather irreverently challenges catholic doctrine, catechism classes, foibles of the priests and nuns in my childhood church.



Changing India, one woman at a time: documentary work done on sabbatical looking at women helping women. I worked with Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) and Guild of Service

dancing with galileo: an installation piece about a long term love affair with Galileo. It was like walking into a book with images, words and video.

Installing dancing with galileo

Popular Culture: looks at how we show our culture by ephemera. Often this work takes a cynical look at society.

Of Time and Place: examines how specific moments in time, light as it defines a sense of place, and tells a story.

the journey: asks that you are quiet and listen to your heart, look for the clues in the images to find the map for this journey of life.

Artist books: books published on, as ebooks, and and at the Apple iTunes Store.

Early work: from the 1970s through 1992 when I came to NKU from Colorado. Includes cyanotypes from 1974-76, Diana camera images from that same period, 4x5 camera work from Lingerie in the Landscape, and What we wear, a NEA grant work from a documentary project I co-directed called From This Land, early color manipulated and installation work from Lost in the Landscape, The Day of the Dead, Learning the Sport, and video installation/photo work from a few projects and finally the 1980s early computer/digital work before digital cameras and when printers were no good.