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variety name
leaf type
fruit shape
fruit size
fruit color
Old Fashioned Cherry 57 regular determinate smooth globe 1 oz orange-red Classic small salad tomato. Very productive, early.
Riesentraube Cherry 59 regular indeterminate smooth globe 1 oz red A sweeter, less tart salad tomato. very heavy yield. From Germany.
Stupice 60 potato indeterminate round, flat bottom 2-5oz splotchy orange-red Soft tomato, tasty, early, productive. Irregular shapes & sizes.From Czechoslovakia.
Anna Russian 65 regular indeterminate smooth heart 10-14oz pink Noted for its noticebly high sweetness. Tasty, low acid, large & early. From Russia.
Eva Purple Ball 68 regular indeterminate smooth globe 7-10oz deep pink Beautiful looking, smooth, good taste, resists cracking. Not actually purple.From Germany.
Amish Paste 75 regular indeterminate oblong 4-6oz orange Paste tomato: meaty, low moisture, productive. Excellent for cooking, canning.
Martino's Roma 75 rugose determinate oblong-pear 2-4oz red Paste tomato: meaty, very low moisture, productive yield. Excellent for cooking, canning.From Italy.
Paragon 75 potato indeterminate smooth globe 4-6oz orange-red Extremely productive with good flavor, consistent size, all-purpose tomato.
Super Sioux 75 regular indeterminate smooth globe 4-6oz orange-red Good flavor, extremely productive, tolerates extreme heat, all-purpose tomato.
Red Mortgage Lifter VFN 77 regular indeterminate round-ribbed 16-24oz red Large size, very good flavor, very hardy and good disease resistance.
Brandywine, pink 80 potato indeterminate round-ribbed 10-18oz pink Legendary taste, very flavorful. Original Quisenberry strain from Landis Valley Farm Museum.
Omar's Lebanese 84 regular indeterminate round-ribbed 18-36oz pink Consistently huge, sometimes reaching 4 lbs. Very Good tasting tomato. Rare find from Lebanon.
Marizol Gold 85 regular indeterminate heart-ribbed 12-16oz gold-orange striped Tasty, very colorful tomato with sweet flavor. From Germany.
Opalka 85 regular indeterminate oblong-tear 6-8oz orange-red Paste tomato: meaty, very low moisture. Excellent for cooking, canning. Unusual shape.From Poland.
Lillian's Yellow Heirloom 95 potato indeterminate round-ribbed 12-16oz yellow Flavorful & very large crisp yellow tomato, very few seeds, unlikely to blemish. Late season.
Red Ponderosa Beefsteak 96 regular indeterminate round-ribbed 14-18oz red The original beefsteak tomato, excellent flavor, large size, late season.

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by James Goldschmidt
last modified 21 Feb 2000