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Identifying Kentucky Plants

As part of our modernization efforts, we will be posting images, keys, and/or other information for various groups of Kentucky plants. We're using the Solanaceae as our starting group, since it is one of the most charming groups of plants in the state, if not the world. :)

Index of Taxa Covered
Alphabetized by family and then by genus.
SOLANACEAE: Physalis, Solanum.

Our taxonomic treatments for the most part follow Plant Life of Kentucky, which is a wonderful (but technical) guide to identification of Kentucky plants.
(Plant Life of Kentucky, An Illustrated Guide to the Vascular Flora. R.L Jones, 2005. University Press of Kentucky.)

For people who prefer web resources, the USDA PLANTS database has photos and range information for plants across the country. If you're looking for actual online keys, the Flora of North America web pages are a good starting point, and Dr. Jones provides a checklist of Kentucky plants via his web site at Eastern Kentucky University. If you're looking for fellow plant enthusiasts, joining the Kentucky Native Plant Society is a fun way to learn about the flora of the state.

Comments, questions, corrections, or suggestions regarding any of these web pages may be e-mailed to
Dr. Whitson.

Graphics and photos appearing on these pages are copyright of Dr. Whitson, unless otherwise noted. You're welcome to use them for non-commercial purposes, but please cite where they came from if possible. I have higher resolution copies of many of them, and will be glad to supply copies for educational purposes. Just e-mail me.

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