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Botanical Resources on the Web

This is not an exhaustive listing, but simply the sites we use frequently.

Floristic Information

PLANTS National Database
: via the USDA. Has species descriptions, range maps, currently used names, synonyms, links, etc.
Flora of North America
: useful online keys, along with keys to other areas at the eFloras site.

Libraries & Journals

Library of Congress Catalog
National Agricultural Library: Catalog search (AGRICOLA). Includes many plant books & papers. To see a listing of selected papers from the JKAS or TKAS (the Kentucky Academy of Science's journal), go to the NAL catalog, choose advanced article search, click journal title and the type in "transactions AND Kentucky" and then click "for a full list of related records" when the search comes back. The indexed volumes are listed in order and you can click on a volume number to see which articles were indexed. This is particularly useful for finding papers on floristic studies in Kentucky.
Lloyd Library Home
: Cincinnati's wonderful botanical library.
Lloyd Library Catalog
: Choose Lloyd Library under "location".

Societies & Associations

KNPS: The Kentucky Native Plant Society. A great group for botanists and wildflower enthusiasts.
: The American Society of Plant Taxonomists.
BSA: The Botanical Society of America.
KAS: The Kentucky Academy of Science. A group of scientists from all disciplines, including botanists.

Other Sites

Index Herbariorum: need to know where a herbarium is, what they have, or what their policies are?
Angiosperm Phylogeny Site
: via the Missouri Botanical Garden. A nice overview of how various plant groups are related.
Specify: the site for the collections databasing software which we are currently using.

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