About liturgy

While each person has his or her own spirituality and personal quest for truth and meaning, group experiences of worship are also important, not least for the building of community between people, the sense of belonging and being connected to others. Christianity in particular has always been a movement, not a philosophy of life adhered to by individuals on their own without any connection to or communication with others. The sharing (koinonia) between disciples/believers is expressed and also actualized in liturgy.

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--Bill Gartig


      Above is a photo of the procession
      out of St. Michael and All Angels
      Episcopal Church, Cincinnati for an
      outdoor All Saints'/Faithful Ancestors
      service in 2005.


      The photo to the right was taken at
      the Episcopal Church of Our Saviour,
      Cincinnati (probably in 2003) when I
      was the celebrant (in the absence
      of the rector, Mother Paula Jackson)
      and Sr. Priscilla of the Community of
      the Transfiguration was the deacon.