Webcasts for Teaching Computer Security

The webpage is a catalog of webcast sites that can be used to enhance a computer security course. Computer security is a dynamic field. Through webcasts students can learn about current trends, hears from experts, and see what vendors are offering for security solutions. Webcasts can add spice to the usual routine of lectures, textbook readings, and labs that are the staple of computer security courses.


Webcast Site Description

BrightTALK Webcasts

BrightTALK’s web site contains a large number of webcasts some of which concern information security.  Recently, on the Information Security Channel are webcasts on identity theft, data loss prevention, social engineering, and cryptography.  There is a channel on Risk, Governance and Compliance that might be useful in an information systems course on security.  The security certification organization (ISC)2 has a channel, the (ISC)2 ThinkTank.  This channel offers webcasts often in cooperation with vendors on a variety of topics of current interest. Recently, ThinkTank has had webcasts on security logs, open source security issues, and cybersecurity analytics. 

Guidance Software Webinars and Demos Guidance Software markets the Encase computer forensics tool. "Guidance Software webinars and demos help bring our services and solutions into focus." Presently, there are 26 webinars. Some are on legal issues, some are on computer forensics, some are on cyber security, and some are vendor presentations.
Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Videos "With a collection of data from Internet services and over 600 million computers worldwide, the Security Intelligence Report (SIR) exposes the threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities, and malware. Awareness of threats is a preventive step to help you protect your organization, software, and people." These collection of videos concerning the findings of the latest Microsoft Security Intelligence Report. The collection is periodically updated. The videos provide a good source of current trends in vulnerabiities and attacks.
OWASP AppSec Tutorial OWASP is the Open Web Application Security Project. "The OWASP Appsec Tutorial Series breaks down security concepts in a easily accessible, friendly way. Each video is 5-10 minutes long and highlights a different security concept, tool or methodology." Presently, there are three episodes covering SQL injection and XSS.

OWASP Podcasts

OWASP’s website has 90 podcasts on various topics in software security.
Purdue CERIAS Security Seminars  
SC Magazine eSymposiums SC Magazine has a collection of editorial and vendor webcasts. The best are SCWC 24/7. All of these are located under the Events menu. 
Secure Application Development Click on Recordings and choose from 2007 to 2012. These are hour long talks on various aspects of secure software engineering by leading researchers in the field.
Security Now! with Steve Gibson  
Sliver Bullet Podcasts These podcasts are interviews by Gary McGraw of leading sofware security experts. Gary McGraw is a leading software security author. The podcasts are around 30 minutes in length. A new podcast is added at the end of each month. As of November 2011, there are 68 podcasts.
Stanford University On-demand Webinars These are free lectures by Dan Boneh, Neil Daswani, and John Mitchell on computer security from the Stanford Uninversity Advanced Computer Security Certificate Program.
Tenable Network Security Webinars Tenable produces the vulnerability scanner Nessus. Their webinars are on network security, vulnerability management, and compliance.
WhiteHat Security Webinars These webinars are by WebHat Security, an web security firm. They are mainly by their CTO and founder, Jeremiah Grossman. Their last recorded webinar is from May 6, 2010 even though they have had webinars since then.
Ziff Davis Enterprise Security eSeminars Under "Topics", there are "Security" eSeminars. The eSemianrs are 60 minutes and cover topics of current interest and vendor solutions to security issues.


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