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I have to be careful not to preach

I canít pretend that I can teach

And yet Iíve lived your future out

By pounding stages like a clown

--The Who

UMV 100 Lessons (Updated 03/26/2007 05:19 PM )

The UMV 100 series is a set of financial market lessons built from the Minyanville Body of Knowledge (BOK).  The BOK aggregates core ideas and concepts commonly reflected in the writings of the Minyanville professors.  This knowledge base, and how it is expressed, is what helps make Minyanville unique.

Successfully completing this series of lessons by no means makes you a market wizard.  Indeed, research suggests that, for fields that require a high degree of tacit knowledge (like finance), it often takes 10+ years of experience and practice to reach a master's level of understanding and skill (Simon, 1987).  That said, mastering this series of lessons should help you build a durable foundation upon which you can subsequently build more sophisticated knowledge.  

You should be able to complete each lesson in 30-45 minutes.  Links to Minyanville content are embedded in each lesson.  Be sure to click through and read these posts, as they offer the real-life context that makes learning happen.  Plus, you'll get acclimated to the Minyanville lingo along the way. 

UMV 100 Curriculum:

Core Concept Lesson ID Topic
Balanced Perspective UMV101 Seeing all sides of a trade           
  UMV102 Making sense of financial information*
  UMV103 The long and the short of it*
Market sensitivity UMV111 It's not just a stock market!*      
  UMV112 Market snapshots
Technical analysis UMV121 Price levels and trends      
  UMV122 Identifying time horizons
Psychology UMV131 Market psychology and sentiment
  UMV132 Volatility, complacency, and fear
Risk management UMV141 Managing risk through diversification*
  UMV142 Risk management through controlling losses*
  UMV143 Tail risk and linear thinking*
Structural UMV151 Money, credit, and asset prices: The liquidity effect
  UMV152 Central banks: Pros and cons
  UMV153 Defining inflation
  UMV154 Yield curves & inversions*
Fundamental analysis UMV161 Trading versus investing
Alternative asset classes UMV171 The case for gold*          


Simon, H.A. (1987). Making management decisions: The role of intuition and emotion. Academy of Management Executive, 1(1): 57-64.