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Model Memos (Updated 10/19/2011 05:31 PM)

Want to see what excellent memos looks like?  Examples of outstanding memos written by students in my various classes appear below.  These memos scored a 9 out of 10 or better.  Remember, I grade these memos using the same scale that I used in industry.  Rest assured that work marked as excellent here would be regarded as top shelf in nearly any organization.

If you open up various memos on the same topic, you'll note that there is not just 'one best way' to achieve excellence.  Many approaches are possible.

One thing that all these works do share is professional, well organized format.  As we've noted in class, you can have the best analysis in the world but if you don't present it well, then your message and the reader will not connect.

I've been accumulating this work over a few semesters and hope to add more as opportunities arise.  Many thanks to students who have agreed to share their work here.

I shouldn't have to mention that plagiarism of this work will be dealt with accordingly (i.e., severely).  These examples are meant to help you observe what excellent work looks like--so that you can incorporate ideas from these models into your own stylistic approach.

Table 1: Model Memos by Analytical Topic

Topic Examples
Capacity Capacity1   Capacity2   Capacity3
Inventory Inventory1   Inventory2   Inventory3
Layout Layout1   Layout2   Layout3
Location Location1   Location 2   Location3
Productivity Productivity1
Scheduling Scheduling1   Scheduling2   Scheduling3   Scheduling4   Scheduling5   Scheduling6
Quality Control QC1
Supply Chain Mgt SCM1   SCM2   SCM3   SCM4

Here are a couple of model extra credit memos as well (EC1, EC2)

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