Basic Sources

The best account of Ellis' wartime activities remains his Thrilling Adventures of Daniel Ellis...
     Editions:   1.  New York: Harper & Brothers, 1867
                     2.  Lexington: Lost Cause Press, 1968 (microcard; Travels in the Confederate States series)
                     3.  Freeport, NY: Books for Libraries Press, 1971 (Black Heritage Library Collection)
                     4.  Johnson City, TN: Don & Mignon, 1974 (edition limited to 500 copies)
                     5.  Johnson City, TN: Overmountain Press, 1989 (includes Biographical Sketch [pp. 430a-430b] and 
                             Index [pp. 431-438]) 
                     6.  Woodbridge, CT: Research Publications, 1992 (microfiche: Selected Americana from Sabin's
                             Dictionary of Books Relating to America, from its Discovery to the Present Time series).
                     7.  Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books, Inc., 2000 (paperback).

A more succinct version appeared as:

------. "Capt. Dan Ellis's Story: The Adventurous Career of a Loyal East Tennessean." The National Tribune 12, 
    no. 14 (3 November 1892): 2, through 12, no. 43 (25 May 1893): 8.

Also of use:

U.S. Congress. Senate. Petition of Captain Daniel Ellis, Praying Compensation for Services 
    Rendered in Recruiting for the Union Army in East Tennessee During the Rebellion
. S.
    Misc. Doc. 6. 40th Cong., 1st sess., 1867.

A view of Ellis by friendly contemporaries is found in 

Scott, Samuel W., and Samuel P. Angel. History of the Thirteenth Regiment, Tennessee 
    Volunteer Cavalry, U.S.A.
Philadelphia: P.W. Ziegler, 1904 (and numerous reprints): 423-
    446, and others.

Accounts of trips through the lines with Ellis are found in the writings of two popular New York Tribune war correspondents and Salisbury Prison escapees:

Browne, Junius Henri. Four Years in Secessia: Adventures Within and Beyond the Union Lines
    Hartford: O.D. Case, 1865 (and numerous reprints): 403-428.


Richardson, Albert D. The Secret Service, the Field, the Dungeon, and the Escape. Hartford, CT:
    American Publishing Co., 1865 (and numerous reprints): 487-505.

The most comprehensive source may be

Ellis, Allen. "Yankee Captain Daniel Ellis: The Old Red Fox of East Tennessee." Blue & Gray
9, no. 4 (April 1992): 28-32, 34.

A compilation of most found references is:

Ellis, Allen. "Captain Daniel Ellis: An Annotated Bibliography." Bulletin of Bibliography 53, no. 
    4 (December 1996): 369-377 (an update is in progress).

The best military history of the Civil War in East Tennessee is:

Fisher, Noel Charles. War at Every Door: Partisan Politics and Guerrilla Violence 
    in East Tennessee, 1860-1869
. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1997: 
    64-66, 83-85.

Information on Daniel Ellis
can also be found in the following books, periodicals, newspapers, government documents, theses, websites, fiction, etc. :


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The Mountaineer was an Elizabethton, Tennessee newspaper (now the Elizabethton Star) in which Daniel Ellis was frequently mentioned. I am indebted to E. Keith Johnson of Mountain Home, TN, among whose assistance has been to send me a number of photocopies of such mentions. For example: Ellis being one of several citizens buying a sewing machine from Samuel P. Angel (24 October 1879); Ellis on a bear hunt (1 November 1894); Ellis in Grand Army of the Republic Decoration Day activities (8 May 1896); Ellis' name on a GAR resolution honoring Captain Landon Carter on his passing (29 May 1896); Ellis attending, delivering an address at, and being recognized for his Mexican War service at a 13th Cavalry reunion in Butler, TN (16 October 1896, p.1); Ellis being "a visitor here" (Elizabethton? The Mountaineer offices?) (11 May 1900); and Ellis mentioned in an advertisement for Scott and Angel's History of the Thirteenth Regiment, and being visited by William Ellis of Elk Park, NC (15 August 1902).

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"Reunion of the Boys in Blue." This is a photocopy of typescript obtained by the compiler that
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