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LEARNING SKILLS/ACADEMIC ASSISTANCE RESOURCES   ACT preparation questions and guide   Learning styles inventory

Http://  Study strategies -- learning styles, time management, note taking, test taking and more  Study skills in general and also how to study for courses in specific disciplines


ONLINE RESOURCES FOR WRITERS  On-line writing tutorials/consultations; materials for writers and teachers of writing  A list of university On-Line Writing Labs on the Web  On-line writing tutorials/consultations A superb WAC/WID  website from Marquette University; a department by department reference guide on how to write papers in the various academic disciplines  A full grammar handbook  A collection of tips for writing specific types of pieces, such as papers on poems, films, or writings, abstracts, or resumes Instructions related to thesis, style, mechanics, research , and close reading on how to get an "A" on a college English paper  Contains a guide to aid in the editing, reviewing of pieces, a collection of writing questions and answers, and a full list of links to other sites  Offers information on grammar and general tips on writing papers; also has tips for writing papers in specific classes AND nutshell versions of APA, MLA, and CBE citation styles  Although it contains examples of how to organize a paragraph, this site mainly looks at ways of documenting quotations as well as citation styles  Mainly looks at the writing process, but also explores ways of writing papers for specific types of assignments  Advice on many writing questions, concerns, issues; contains thesaurus, multi-lingual dictionaries, and more   A guide to grammar and writing  A comprehensive writing resource   Comprehensive help for writers -- thesaurus, dictionary, William Strunk's Elements of Style, Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, and more  For students of English as a second language  For students of English as a second language



For Bestsellers and Book Reviews:

The New York Times:  (click on Books)

 USA Today: (includes excerpts of first chapters) (online bookstore:) (wonderful resource with book lists, reviews, first chapters):


Using Internet Browsers:

Looksmart: (click on Lifestyle then Books, or Library then topic that interests you)

Yahoo: (click on Entertainment to Books, then category, bestseller list or authors)

Excite: (click on Entertainment to Books or Lifestyle to Book links)

Google:   (general search engine)

Many prominent authors have their own Web sites. Ex. Mary Higgins Clark. Access through Internet browser above, or simply type in author’s name.


Online Discussions with Other Readers

Barnes & Noble “University” (Click Online Courses then Literature or Arts & Entertainment or another category). You have to sign up to participate in discussion, but the courses are free. 


Other Helpful Sites:

NKU’s Steely Library (includes links to local public libraries)


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