Selected Women Writers of the Harlem Renaissance:

Research Terms

Annotated--a summary or synopsis of a source's contents.

Bibliographical--relating to or dealing with bibliographies

Bibliography--a list of materials which can include books, manuscripts, reference sources, databases, magazine articles, etc. A bibliography will provides citations of additional resources and materials.

Check-list--a list of items giving brief identifying information only.

Citation--a sources identifying information: author, title, date and place of publication, and volume and page numbers.

Primary Sources--can be original manuscripts, records or documents which are used by an author when writing a book or other literary compilation. Also known as "source material" or "original sources." An example of a primary source is Beloved by Toni Morrison, and literary criticism about the novel would be secondary sources.

Secondary Sources--can be books or other material for which the compilation of primary sources have been used. Also known as "secondary works."

Source consulted: Prytherch, Ray. Harrord's Librarians' Glossary. England: Gower Publishing Co., 1995.

Selected Women Writers of the Harlem Renaissance: A Resource Guide
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Prepared by Cynthia L. Gregory