Gwendolyn B. Bennett

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Publications in Anthologies and Books:

"Nocturn," in The Book of American Negro Poetry, edited by James Weldon Johnson. New York: Harcourt, Brace, 1922; revised, 1931.

"Moon Tonight" and "Song," in Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1927 and Yearbook of American Poetry edited by William Stanley Braithwaite. Boston: B. J. Brimmer, 1927, pp. 31, 32.

"Advice," "Fantasy," "Hatred," "Lines Written at the Grave of Alexander Dumas," "Quatrains," "Secret," "Sonnet I," "Sonnet II," "To a Dark Girl," and "Your Songs," in Caroling Dusk: An Anthology of Verse by Negro Poets, edited by Countee Cullen. New York: Harper, 1927.

"Tokens," in Ebony and Topaz: A Collectanea edited by Charles S. Johnson. New York, 1927, pp. 149-150.

Publications in Magazines and Journals:


"Heritage," Opportunity, 1 (December 1923): 371.

"To Usward," Crisis, 28 (May 1924):19 AND Opportunity, 2 (May 1924): 143-144.

"Wind," Opportunity, 2 (November 1924): 335.

"On a Birthday," Opportunity, 3 (September 1925): 276.

"Street Lamps in Early Spring," Opportunity, 4 (May 1926): 152.

"Hatred," Opportunity, 4 (June 1926): 190.

"Lines Written at the Grave of Alexander Dumas," Opportunity, 4 (July 1926): 225.

"Song," "Dear Things," and "Dirge," Palms, 4 (October 1926): 21-22.

"Epitaph," Opportunity. 12 (March 1934): 76.


"The Future of the Negro in Art," Howard University Record, 19 (December 1924): 65-66.

"Negroes: Inherent Craftsmen," Howard University Record, 19 (February 1925): 172.

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"Never the Twain Shall Meet," review of Salah and His American by Leland Hall, Opportunity, 12 (March 1934): 92.

"I Go to Camp," Opportunity, 12 (August 1934): 241-243.

"Rounding the Century: Story of the Colored Orphan Asylum and Association for the Benefit of Colored Children in New York City," Crisis, 42 (June 1935): 180-181, 188.


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