Cowrock Mountain; Chattahoochee National Forest:  GEORGIA: Union Co./ White Co./ Lumpkin Co.

Person to contact regarding insect collecting permits: Cindy Wentworth; Ecologist/Botanist; Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests; USDA-FS; P.O. Box 9; Blairsville, GA  30514; (706) 745-6928 [current as of May 2000]

Elevation: 3841 feet .  Location of summit: 3443'16"N; 8351'67"W

Collection date & weather conditions: This site was visited on May 25, 2000.  We collected from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM.  When we first arrived, it was overcast and looked like rain.  We had a short sprinkle of rain on the climb to the summit, but then the sky cleared up somewhat and the sun shown through partly cloudy skies during much of our time there.

Description of summit:  There is a large bare outcrop of rock near the summit of Cowrock Mountain.  Unfortunately, the actual summit is located less than 100 yards up a short trail from the bare rock area in an area of approximately 30 foot tall trees.  The trees were pretty sickly looking and the top looked like it had burned not too long ago.  Raspberry brambles were the predominant understory vegetation at the top.  The climb from the parking area was about a 1/2 mile hike that was fairly easy and took about 1/2 hour.  Almost all flies collected were sitting on vegetation at the wooded summit.  A few flies were collected on the bare rock area.

Large bare rock area near summit Path from bare rock to actual summit


Specimens collected: This is a site that was suggested by Cindy Wentworth, USDA-FS.  It was not visited by Dodge in his 1952 collections of north Georgia mountaintops

Boettcheria latisterna Parker 1 Gregory A. Dahlem
Helicobia rapax (Walker) 1 Gregory A. Dahlem
Ravinia querula (Walker) 1 Gregory A. Dahlem
Ravinia stimulans (Walker) 1 Gregory A. Dahlem
Sarcophaga (Bercaeopsis) fortisa Reinhard (= helicivora Dodge) 1 Gregory A. Dahlem
Sarcophaga (Bercaeopsis) pleominda Reinhard 4 Gregory A. Dahlem
Sarcophaga (Neobellieria) triplasia Wulp 35 Gregory A. Dahlem
Spirobolomyia sps. 4 Gregory A. Dahlem

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