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The Third Meeting of the 

ORESME Reading Group 

January 29-30, 1999 

Xavier University 

In attendance: 

Bart Braden, Northern Kentucky University 
Chris Christensen, Northern Kentucky University 
Dan Curtin, Northern Kentucky University, host 
Dick Davitt, University of Louisville 
Chuck Holmes, Miami University 
Chuck Groetsch, University of Cincinnati 
David Kullman, Miami University 
Danny Otero, Xavier University 
Dick Pulskamp, Xavier University 
Fred Rickey, US Military Academy 
Linda Saliga, University of Akron 

We met for dinner Friday evening at The Finish Line, specially chosen to 
lie within the corporation lines of beautiful Erlanger, KY.  The food was 
good and the service was…servicable.  But a good time was had by all.  
reconvened at Hinkle Hall on the XU campus to tackle Felix Klein's "A 
Comparative Review of Recent Researches in Geometry" (translated by M. 
W. Haskell and published in the second volume of the Bull. NY Math. Soc., 
July, 1893, pp. 215-249).  The Saturday morning session continued over 
coffee and donuts. 

We discussed the long and involved history of the Erlangenprogramm, 
Klein's vision of the algebraization of geometry.  We considered in 
particular the importance that Lie had on Klein's views of where research 
in geometry was headed and the influence among American mathematicians 
that he carried as a result of his visit to the Chicago area in 1893. 

The discussion was aided by a number of books and articles that the 
participants brought along, and especially by the bibliography prepared by 
Dick Davitt.  We soon realized that a serious discussion of the genesis, 
development, and especially, the impact of the Erlangenprogramm would 
require marshalling many more resources than we had prepared at the time 
of the meeting.  Indeed, much of Saturday morning was dedicated to 
determining what further resources members would investigate for our 
next meeting in the fall.  Here's a list: 
€  Kullman, Saliga:  The Evanston Colloquium
€  Davitt:  Famous Problems of Elementary Geometry by Klein
€  Braden:  Felix Klein and Sophus Lie by I. M. Yaglom
€  Christensen:  Lectures on the Icosahedron by Klein
€  Rickey:  Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced Standpoint, vol. 1, 
by Klein
€  Holmes, Pulskamp:  Elementary Mathematics from an Advanced 
Standpoint, vol. 2, by Klein
€  Groetsch:  Klein's influence on applied mathematics and education
€  Curtin:  Klein on projective geometry
€  Otero, Holmes:  Felix Klein, Biographien hervorragender 
Naturwissenschaftler, Techniker und Mediziner, by Renate Tobies and 
Fritz Konig
€  Otero:  The Unification of Geometry (Ch. 17 of The Nature and Growth 
of Modern Mathematics), by Edna Kramer

Finally, the membership agreed to schedule the next meeting of 
ORESME for September 17-18, 1999, at Northern Kentucky University. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Danny Otero

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