Some photos from the ORESME meeting,

March 24-25, 2000

Photos 1-5 taken by Chuck Groetsch, 6-8 by John Fauvel

Should we have a caption contest??

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Photo #1 Photo 1: Groetsch

Photo 2: Groetsch

Photo 3: Groetsch

Photo 4: Groetsch

Photo 5: Groetsch

From a letter to David Kullman from John Fauvel: " [Here are] some photos of the splendid ORESME meeting, which I felt privileged to attend...I felt it was a very useful and worthwhile session and series. Long may ORESME flourish!"

Photo 6 Photo 6: Fauvel

Photo 7Photo 7: Fauvel

Photo 8Photo 8: Fauvel

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