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All workshops will be Thurs. 12:15-1:30 and will be offered via zoom

September 16th: Why do I keep hearing so much about High Impact Practices? 

It seems that High Impact Practices or HIPs are everywhere at NKU. We hear them discussed with relation to Success by Design, at the Norse Educators Summit, and in workshops around campus. This workshop is meant to be an introduction to HIPs from the faculty perspective-why should I include HIPs in my courses. We will discuss what they are, the ones easily incorporated into classes and how to incorporate them so students gain the most benefit. Come with questions as there will be plenty of time for discussion of this important topic.

September 23rd: Why Civility Matters (to us and our students)

In this workshop we will view a recording of a presentation by Shola Richards regarding the need for civility in all we do. As educators, our ability to remain civil and model civility is especially important and can be challenging. Come listen, followed by a discussion on why civility is so central to our daily efforts in working together as colleagues, in our classrooms, and in our ability to educate our students.

September 30th: Student Accommodations Q&A with OSA and Legal

Understanding accommodations and our role as educators in ensuring we provide accommodations equally is a key part of our job. It can feel like every semester there is something new and different with regard to needs from our students and we may not always have the answer. This is an opportunity to ask questions and ensure that the way we run our classrooms is both beneficial to our students as well as within the constraints of the law. Submit Questions Here Ahead of the Workshop

October 7th: Engaging Students in Research with Non-Traditional Assignments 

Engaging students in research is key for developing information literacy, critical thinking, and lifelong skills that extend beyond our classrooms. Traditional, text-based approaches to research provide value, but don’t always reflect the research products students will produce once they graduate.  This workshop will highlight ideas and technologies at the library to reinvigorate your research assignments. Librarians will discuss Steely’s new makerspace and other creative approaches for students to demonstrate GEAR outcomes.

Oct. 14th: (Re)mixing it Up: Adapting OERs in Your Class 

The great thing about open educational resources (OERs) is the flexibility they afford both teachers and students. Depending on the license, teachers can go one step further beyond simple adoption of a resource but actually adapt the resource to fit the needs of their particular situation. Join us in this workshop where we will talk more in-depth about OERs and how you can remix and reuse content to create new resources. Walk away with tips for remixing content and ideas for how you can engage your students in content creation.  

October 21st: Inspiring Students to Submit Honest Work 

Our students sometimes take shortcuts and submit work that isn’t entirely their own. How do we handle the issue? Threaten failure of the course? Loss of points on an assignment? This workshop will flip those ideas and ask us to consider how we can encourage our students to take ownership of their work and submit material that is their own.  

October 28th: Assignment for Active Reading and Lively Class Discussions 

Do you find it challenging to engage students in readings? And struggle to draw them out for a class discussion? In this workshop we will discuss how to structure readings to engage students actively in the process. We will then turn to how to engage students in a meaningful discussion with you and their peers.

November 4th: e-Service-Learning: “Learning by Doing” in Online Classes 

Teaching online presents an entirely different set of constraints for incorporating High Impact Practices. In this workshop, we will discuss how to overcome some of the challenges to incorporating Service-Learning into an online course. We will cover the details of incorporating e-Service-Learning throughout the course and engaging the students through discussion, group work, and independent research.

Nov. 11th: Mythbusting to Support Student Learning

In this session, we will discuss common learning and educational myths, the impact they can have on students, and how you can fight these myths. Participants will gain tips and tricks for confronting myths as well as research based learning strategies that can easily be introduced to students. 

November 18th: Best Practices for Supporting Trans Students in the Classroom 

In this workshop we will discuss ways to welcome, engage, and support our trans students. We need to actively participate in making trans students feel that they belong in a setting and with people who they may not see as supportive. Come learn how to be a leader for your students and create a classroom where all are welcome.