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Sharing Teaching Success Seminar Descriptions

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Sept 24


Rudy Garns


ePortfolio use is a High Impact Practice and can transform the way in which a student can present their work to potential employers, faculty and classmates. Rudy will discuss ePortfolios and an opportunity next semester to join in a group to explore their use in programs at NKU.

Oct. 1

Playing with Language: Digital Language Acquisition and Community Engagement

Andrea Fieler


Innovative adaptations of service learning and digital methodologies into language course curricula have been accelerating globally and across disciplines in recent years. However, student philanthropy digital approaches to second language development are often considered as two distinctly separate methods. The presentation discusses how the foreign language classroom can serve effectively as a bridge connecting artificial and authentic environments.


Oct. 8

Engaging Students from Beginning of Class to the End

Joan Adkins


Getting the attention of the students is important.  It can start with the syllabus and continues by finding ways to engage the students.  There are many ways to draw their attention We can do this by providing a syllabus students want to read.  After all a picture is worth a thousand words. After this comes providing engaging lectures that pulls the interests of the students. By making the discussion rich in format we can draw the students in and get them interested in the topics.


Oct. 15





Oct 22

Concept Mapping 

Denice Robertson


Concept mapping is a great tool to help students synthesize and think critically about information. The method can be used with just about any topic and there are several ways in which to structure the exercise depending on the level of the course and your goals. Join us for a discussion of the tool!

Oct. 29

Newport as a High Impact Practice Opportunity Zone

Mark Neikirk and Jessica Lott


For the past eight years, NKU has focused considerable academic community engagement on Newport’s Westside, which is Northern Kentucky’s oldest neighborhood and also it poorest. It’s a place where service-learning classes can have a real and immediate value to the residents, and also to our students.


Nov. 5

Nearpod for Interactive Learning

Ada Cenkci


In this session, we will discuss Nearpod, a web-based tool that allows instructors to create interactive lessons. Nearpod provides student responses to instructor questions in an easy-to-view format. The presenter will explain how experience with Nearpod in her face-to-face course.

The participants are encouraged to download the Nearpod app to their phones before the session. Here is how:



Nov. 12

Implementing Group Projects in Large Online Classes

Megan Sanctuary


Discussion of strategies for effectively implementing group projects in large (110+ students), web-based (completely online) courses. There are techniques that can be used to organize group work, facilitate work strategies, encourage group participation, and allow for peer evaluation. These include proper organization in Canvas, creative grading strategies, and use of peer evaluation surveys.