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Taste of Informatics programs, produced by Informatics+, give the community a chance to gain familiarity with informatics fields, on a path to further professional development. Taste of Informatics programming includes Podcasts, Classcasts and Workshops.


Informatics Cafe podcast

Learn more about the informatics fields with the Informatics Cafe podcast. Produced by Chris Brewer of Informatics+, and hosted by Mike Nitardy of Frost Brown Todd, these episodes are an entertaining look at what's new in media and technology, and the impact on business and everyday life.

You can subscribe and listen to Informatics Cafe on your favorite podcast platform, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts.

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Contact our show producer, Chris Brewer, for more information or to suggest a topic.


The Informatics+ Classcast program opens to the public a selection of class sessions on topics of heightened community interest taught by some of NKU's most dynamic instructors. For upcoming classcasts, visit here. Archived Programs:


  • Media Aesthetics, Tracy Songer & John Gibson
  • Foundations for Informatics Professionals: LinkedIn, Julie Stockman
  • Human Computer Interaction, Nicholas Caporusso
  • Copy Editing & Design, Steve Bien-Aime
  • Principles of Informatics: Algorithms and Complexity, Gary Newell, Steve Bien-Aime


  • Study Abroad: Creating a Brand Identity, Tracy Songer
  • Interpersonal Communication: Words Matter: The Language of Responsibility, Stephen Yungbluth
  • Salary Expectations, Julie Stockman
  • Unblurring the News, Michele Day



The Informatics+ Sampler Workshop program offers two-hour workshops in selected high demand or emerging informatics fields. Providing simple, welcoming, and smart opportunities in a time of transition, these workshops can serve as a prelude to further learning.