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DRAFT SbD Implementation Planning Timeline
April 2019 Board of Regents approved plan
June 2019 Search for VPCSO completed and candidate announced
June-July 2019 Reviewed/consolidated all feedback from faculty, staff, students, community to create draft initiatives for each pillar
August 1, 2019 VPCSO official start date
August -September, 2019

Campus Open Forums and multiple campus and community talks to present and gather input on draft SBD initiatives

September- October 2019 Finalize and prioritize initiatives based on feedback from campus and community
  • Create implementation teams
  • Present “Charge” to teams at initial meeting of teams
Fall 2019

Teams begin to meet to discuss selected initiatives, calling in relevant departments, develop metrics, timelines, determine resources needs, research best practices, propose or vet initiatives for box 1-3, capture current work in progress

  • Update Board on final initiatives and process forward (Nov)
Winter 2020 Teams present initial findings/plans to Cabinet and Presidents Council; or use Spring Convocation to bring in guest speaker and/or have a panel of faculty/staff and students
March BOR Review progress