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The First Five Initiatives listed below reflect the campus belief that these initiatives are significant in the Universities efforts to advance Student Success. Implementation Teams, inclusive of faculty, staff and students, were appointed for each initiative to develop projects to implement to address the student success challenge. In Fall 2019, President Vaidya announced a $2 million set aside to be used to support Success by Design. $1.5 million was dedicated to the First Five Initiatives and the remaining $500K was used for the 2020 Innovation Challenge. The Innovation Challenge invited the campus to submit proposals with innovative student success ideas. The finalist “pitched” their ideas to the campus to compete for the funding.

Learn more about the 2020 Innovation Challenge



NKU will examine and re-envision NKU's use of institutional aid dollars, non-tuition fees and expenses, to support our enrollment and persistence goals and improve affordability.



NKU will strengthen and expand critical PK-14 (high school and transfer) pipelines to NKU with special emphasis on regional schools (River City, CPS, Gateway, Cincinnati State, etc.)


Coordinated Care:

NKU will provide coordinated and intentional support for all students through collaborations between key student service areas, enhancing current programming and services, and maximizing the use of EAB Navigate and other technology tools. (Phase 1 – first year freshmen and transfer students)



NKU will ensure that the curriculum and degree pathways are aligned with national best practices and regional workforce needs, inclusive of co-curricular and experiential experiences and other High Impact Practices.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation:

NKU will catalyze a prosperous, equitable, and inclusive regional ecosystem through economic development and entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on talent development, research and innovation in technology, health and logistics.