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Leadership and management courses offer resources for both new and seasoned leaders to become more adept at developing employees, inspiring and guiding teams, managing change, and effectively influencing stakeholders across an organization.

This curation includes NKU Select courses, which provide a more in-depth series of professional development and separate pricing structure, as detailed on the description page.

  • Sustainable Business: Big Issues, Big Changes

    Sustainable Business: Big Issues, Big Changes

    This class looks at the big issues companies are fixing - climate change, water, worker satisfaction and supply chain issues.

  • Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

    Women in Leadership: Inspiring Positive Change

    This course aims to inspire and empower women and men across the world to engage in purposeful career development and take on leadership for important causes and to improve our workplaces and communities for all.

  • Agile Leader Training

    Agile Leader Training

    In this course, you will learn the neuroscience of change, why we are so change-averse, how to train for change resilience, and will begin developing a practice to help you be prepared for changes in your career.

  • Developing an Agile Team

    Developing an Agile Team

    In this course, you will learn what influences human behavior in teams by looking at social psychology.

  • Foundations of Everyday Leadership

    Foundations of Everyday Leadership

    In this foundational course, you will learn about the “head and heart” of everyday leadership by exploring dynamics of individual and group decision making and the challenges of managing motivation.

  • Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

    Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

    In this course, you’ll learn the different components of emotional intelligence at work.

  • Cultural intelligence: Become a global citizen

    Cultural intelligence: Become a global citizen

    This course, via structured learning activities (video lectures, quizzes, discussion prompts, industry interviews and written assessments), will teach you that those with high ‘cultural intelligence’ – are good at spotting cultural differences and adapt their behavior accordingly.

  • Organizational Behavior: How to Manage People

    Organizational Behavior: How to Manage People

    Through the study of organizational behavior, we can gain insights into what makes people tick within a work context.

  • Fundamentals of Organization

    Fundamentals of Organization

    This course aims at explaining you the main concepts of organization, with a strong practical orientation: illustration of typical organizational problems through real corporate examples will be used.

  • Managing the Organization

    Managing the Organization

    This course is intended to help you become a better manager by helping you more fully understand and deal with the complexities and challenges associated with managerial life in organizations.

  • Strategic Organization Design

    Strategic Organization Design

    Strategic Organization Design will introduce new topics and modules with even more real world examples and opportunities for student interaction than its predecessors Competitive Strategy and Advanced Competitive Strategy.

  • Transformational Leadership for Inclusive Innovation

    Transformational Leadership for Inclusive Innovation

    In this course, you will learn to be an inspiring and effective change agent by developing a toolbox of leadership skills for building and managing diverse teams.

  • Managing as a Coach

    Managing as a Coach

    In this course, you will learn what coaching is and learn how to differentiate between it and all of the other myriad roles managers are expected to perform – managing, mentoring, leading, and training.

  • Personality Types at Work

    Personality Types at Work

    This course is specifically designed for the job seeker, a team member or a manager to leverage modern soft skills in today's workplace.

  • Converting Challenges into Opportunities

    Converting Challenges into Opportunities

    In this course, you will learn how to utilize the knowledge and skills needed to leverage left- and right-brain thinking, analyze problems, spur creativity, and implement innovative ideas for your workplace.

  • Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

    Effective Problem-Solving and Decision-Making

    Learn how to use analysis, synthesis, and positive inquiry to address individual and organizational problems and develop the critical thinking skills needed in today’s turbulent times.

  • Business Growth Strategy

    Business Growth Strategy

    In this course you will learn to determine how best to build value, whether by scaling existing markets, entering established markets or creating new markets through innovation and acquisitions.

  • Strategic Planning and Execution

    Strategic Planning and Execution

    In this course, you'll learn the pillars of strategy execution--analysis, formulation, and implementation--and how to use the 4A model to effectively approach strategy execution.

  • Leadership Through Social Influence

    Leadership Through Social Influence

    This course will provide learners with a systematic general framework for analyzing persuasive influence situations.

  • Agile Analytics

    Agile Analytics

    In this course you'll learn how to build a strong analytics infrastructure for your team, integrating it with the core of your drive to value.

  • Professionals in a meeting

    Leadership and Management Courses

    Quickly master modern tools and techniques to become a more successful leader. Sharpen your leadership skills in just one month!

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