WEDNESDAY, OCT. 18, 2017

Campus community:

Here’s an update on our search for the next president of NKU.

On Thursday, the process enters the next phase.

Earlier this week, the presidential search & screening committeeprovided to the Board of Regents a list of recommended candidates. The committee developed that list over eight months of hard work, beginning with a blank sheet of paper and hundreds of possibilities, and culminating with a short list for the board to consider.

On Thursday, October 19, at 4:30 p.m. the board will meet to discuss the next steps. Because this is a personnel matter, the bulk of the special meeting will be conducted in executive session. And, while we’re making good progress, don’t expect a decision or announcement on Thursday. There’s still work to do.

The process thus far has been handled confidentially by the search committee and board. That’s because, in higher education today, most candidates for a president’s role are unwilling to publicly disclose their interest. Our search consultant, Isaacson Miller, tells us that nearly 90 percent of the presidential searches they conduct are now done on a confidential basis.

The candidates on our short list already have good jobs at dynamic universities. They are talented and well thought of by their current employers. They also are highly sought after. In order for us to have access to this pool of strong talent and experience, we have honored their requests for confidentiality. It’s likely, based on the candidates we’re working with today, that this level of confidentiality will continue until the board makes its final decision.

Remember, though, that we anticipated the possible need for confidentiality when we designed the search process. We started with a series of listening sessions to gather data on what the community expects and needs from our next president, and we enlisted the services of a large and diverse search committee. That committee of 19, which includes 11 from the campus community plus three board members, has skillfully and passionately represented the broad interests of those who call our campus home on a daily basis. We owe them a huge thanks.

Thanks also to you for all you do for our students, and for your support of our quest for the next great president of NKU. More to come as the process moves along. If you have questions, please reach out to the committee at or to me at