THURSDAY, Nov. 30, 2017

To the campus community:

Thanks for your warm welcome of our new president.

Ashish had a terrific first day on campus. Many of you had the opportunity that day to see and hear some of the qualities that attracted the attention of our search committee and Board of Regents.

His first speech, as we say in the media business, was a classic stem-winder; a transparent look at his personal and professional motivations for joining the NKU cause. You can see it here if you weren’t able to join us that day.

Over the coming months, Ashish will begin working himself into the life of our campus while still honoring his commitment to St. Cloud State. As you may have read, Ashish was named to the interim role there following the accidental death of St. Cloud’s president. His skilled leadership during a time of mourning and turmoil has been critical to St. Cloud’s continued momentum. While we’re eager to welcome him to our campus, we also understand the importance of him finishing that job.

Between now and Ashish’s start date on July 1, he and his wife, Nita, will make several trips to NKU and the region. Some of you, I’m sure, will have the opportunity to meet him during those visits.

Speaking of that upcoming period “between now and Ashish’s start date,” I’m eager to pass along that Gerry St. Amand has generously agreed to extend his service as Interim President past spring commencement to May 31.

We are all deeply appreciative.

Gerry’s extension into late spring ensures continuity in leadership, particularly through the critically important legislative session in Frankfort. The session kicks off the first week of January. Look for much more information as the university prepares to tell its story during the session.

He will also lead the kickoff of our 50th anniversary celebration, beginning the week of February 5 with a big alumni awards celebration on February 9 followed by the homecoming weekend.  (Mark your calendars!)

And, maybe most important, Gerry will be an excellent partner in helping Ashish transition into the role.

All good.

Thanks for all you contribute to the success of our students. It’s your vibrancy as a campus community that attracted the sixth great president to our mission.