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May 16, 2019—NKU’s School of the Arts'Commonwealth Theatre Company is proud to present the Noël Coward comedy of FALLEN ANGELS and the farewell production of CHURCH GIRLS: THE MUSICAL. A buffet dinner will be served in the NKU SOTA Art Gallery with performances taking place in the NKU Robert & Rosemary Stauss Theatre.
Fallen Angels
By Sir Noël Coward
June 7-23, 2019

Before Julia and Jane married their husbands Fred and Willy – there was Maurice, a former French lover. While the women's blissfully ignorant husbands are away on a golf trip, he shows up and reminds them of what they might be missing. Following an evening of drunkenness and fevered anticipation, Julia and Jane become concerned that indiscretions from their past will be revealed, and comedic antics ensue. FALLEN ANGELS is a sparkling, hilarious comedy about rivalry and manners, resulting in a champagne cocktail of wit and charm.
Church Girls: The Musical
By Ken Jones
Lyrics by Christine Jones
Music by Jamey Strawn
July 5-21, 2019
The “ladies” of Umatilla Second Christian Church Women’s Auxiliary League are back and producing their annual Mother’s Day pageant. As the “church girls” prepare for their pageant, chaos and calamity bring out less than ‘saintly’ behavior. The result is Heaven sent hilarity! Making its farewell performance, CHURCH GIRLS: THE MUSICAL is a campy, cheeky, audacious musical comedy that will hit your funny bone and keep you laughing.
Cast for Fallen Angels
·       Rachel Perin as Julia Sterroll
·       Cary Davenport as Frederick Sterroll
·       Mindy Heithaus as Jane Banbury
·       Andrew Bishop as William Banbury
·       Kimberly Lazzeri as Saunders
·       Matt Krieg as Maurice Duclos
Cast for Church Girls: The Musical
·       Roger Pille as Minerva Beehimer/Rev. Harv Feldspar/Sammy Coldenspore/Harley Buford
·       Ken Jones as Daisy Feldspar/Dale Shirkwater/Felicity Shirkwater/Irma Snead
·       Roderick Justice as Maisy Shirkwater/Myron Posey/Frankie Feldspar/Naomi Mai Hooker
·       James Jones as Larry Coldenspore/Sherry Coldenspore/Shayna Beehimer/Rupert Eikenberry
·       Je’Shaun Jackson as Revita Glory/Jefferson Glory/Darnell Nusspickle
·       Brandon Bentley as Cloretta Powers/Horseshoe Dumpling/Studley Griggs
·       Jamey Strawn as Darlene Opal
Event Details

  • Dates: June 7-23 & July 5-21 (Monday and Tuesday: no performances)
  • Times: Wednesday through Saturday performances at 8 p.m., Dinner served at 6:30 p.m.
    Sunday matinees at 6:30 p.m., Dinner served at 5 p.m.
  • Place: Fine Arts Center on NKU Campus
  • Tickets: $40 single tickets or $65 for two-show package (includes buffet dinner and show) More information: or 859-572-5464

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