NKU Ranks as a Top Campus for Students with Disabilities   

Wheelchair basketball

March 20, 2019— Northern Kentucky University has been ranked as a top campus for students with physical disabilities, according to College Magazine.

NKU ranked tenth for students with disabilities on College Magazine’s Top 10 Campuses for Students with Physical Disabilities. College Magazine compiled their list based-off accessible dorms, classrooms and transportation and the student body advocating for awareness and inclusion for students with physical disabilities

College Magazine stated in its review of NKU, “Moving away from home is a challenge for every student. At NKU, students can join different social groups that help with the adjustment.”

NKU’s Disability Programs and Services (DPS) received praise for their access programs through accommodations and assistance. DPS helps students find personal care attendants and offers dorm and classrooms adjustments to meet their accessibility needs. NKU’s free shuttle services are equipped with hydraulic lifts for wheelchairs.

“We act as a resource to faculty, staff and community agencies to provide education, consultation and guidance regarding disability issues,” said Cindy Knox, director of Disability Programs and Services. “We are extremely committed to ensuring that every student has an equitable opportunity to obtain the same level of education.”

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