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Campus snow

November 30, 2017- Northern Kentucky University’s winter session can help students make the most out of their holiday break by taking advantage of NKU’s online abbreviated term. Winter session runs from December 18, 2017 through January 5, 2018 and is open to all learners.

Winter session offers current students and visiting students a chance to get ahead in their academic careers, and it also provides as an opportunity for alumni or lifelong learners to reach academic goals. Undergraduate and graduate courses are offered in an accelerated format that creates an intense focus on a particular discipline.

“Winter session is a great opportunity for students to pick up credit hours they need to keep them on pace to graduate in four years,” said Sue Ott Rowlands, NKU Provost. “Students who didn’t earn 15 or more hours during the fall semester can earn three credit hours in three weeks, helping to ensure they are on track to graduate on schedule or ahead of schedule. Of course, it’s also great for anyone who wants to meet an academic goal.”

Winter session classes are all online to make scheduling around the holidays easier and are worth up to three course credits. Topics range from introductory nutrition and music appreciation courses to upper-level courses in communication and psychology.

To view the schedule of classes and register, please visit: /content/inside/registrar/registration/winter-session.html.