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Picture of Nancy Jentsch's Book

Northern Kentucky University's Nancy Jentsch, a Senior Lecturer of German and Spanish, brings the the joy of poetry to life in her new chapbook.

“Authorized Visitors” consists of 31 poems that examine the intersection of nature and the human experience. Each poem is different, but they are loosely tied to the main theme.

Jentsch first began the collection as a response to a chapbook contest, for which it was a semi-finalist. She went on to submit it to two publishers and the second one accepted it in September 2016.

“One thing that I hope for the book is that it will provide people who might not normally read poetry with the opportunity to read poems that are accessible and at the same time stimulating in their use of language and surprising images,” Jentsch said.

Putting the collection together, and including some of her favorite poems that had not been accepted into journals, was one thing she really enjoyed.

“My favorite quote is from a friend of mine who responded to my reading a poem by saying, ‘I don't like poetry, but I liked that!’” Jentsch said.

The chapbook was published in May 2017 by Cherry Grove Collections, an imprint of WordTech Communications.