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NKU Campus

August 1, 2017- Northern Kentucky University has been named among the top 25 safest college campuses in the nation by Rent College Pads. NKU ranked 15 on the list of the safest schools across the United States, based on the least amount of crime per capita.

Rent College Pads is a website that helps students find off-campus housing by connecting them with landlords. In compiling the list, Rent College Pads took into account crime rates per year and students’ comments about the campus.

“Students say that the campus is quiet, and the community never feels unsafe,” Rent College Pads says. “Additionally, students say that NKU values safety and security, which is often listed as a reason why they love the campus. And the data agrees; from 2011-2015, on-campus crime averaged about six cases per year.”

Criminal offenses on-campus from the years 2011-2015 were analyzed and compared with the institution size to determine NKU’s crime index which is 449:1.

NKU strives to create a safe campus by providing well-lit walkways, blue light emergency phones and the University Police Department’s 24-hour police escort system that anyone on campus can access.

“We are committed to providing a safe campus and a positive learning environment for our students. We are proud to be once again be recognized for those efforts,” Dr. Daniel Nadler, NKU vice president of student affairs said.

Two other colleges in the region made Rent College Pad’s 2017 list of safe college campuses. Indiana University-Purdue University ranked 22, and University of Louisville ranked 24. For the complete list and description, visit Rent College Pad’s website