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Music Prep Class

Northern Kentucky University’s Music Preparatory Department in the School of the Arts (SOTA) has been voted the Best of NKY 2017 in Music Instruction for the third time in recent years.

NKU’s Music Preparatory Department was highlighted for providing access to top-notch music instruction and musical experience. Dr. Holly Attar, Director of NKU’s Music Preparatory Department, says it also comes down to making the musical experience fun and accessible for everyone.

Best of NKY 2017

“We pride ourselves on welcoming people into the NKU family and making it a personal experience,” said Dr. Attar. “We greet prep students by name, talk with them about how we love music too, and make it a point to genuinely care about them.”

NKU’s Music Preparatory Department was established in 1993 and has grown into a comprehensive pre- and post-college music program that offers instruction for students of all ages. It operates under the belief that arts education is an essential and fundamental necessity.

“We have an outstanding Music Preparatory Department, and it’s no surprise that it continues to be recognized by the community as the Best of NKY,” said Ken Jones, Director of the School of the Arts (SOTA). “Music instruction provides much more than just learning an instrument. It teaches people how to express themselves, problem solve, learn teamwork and discipline.”

NKU’s Music Preparatory also strives to enrich the culture of our region through engaging artistic experiences and outreach initiatives. If you’re interested in learning more, the Music Preparatory Department will be holding an open house in late August. Visit for more information.