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Alpha Tau Omega

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. – Northern Kentucky University’s Alpha Tau Omega fraternity raised $31,000 for St. Elizabeth’s Women’s Health Breast Center to purchase a Trident machine.

The Trident machine detects if tumors are fully removed in the breast. It cuts down the time a patient is under anesthesia and in the operating room because tissue can be removed right away. Alpha Tau Omega has raised funds for St. Elizabeth’s Women’s Health Breast Center for four years. They presented this year’s donation to St. Elizabeth on Fox19 News.

“They are incredible. Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders in our community, and to see how they are so engaged in the philanthropy of local charities is amazing,” said Terri Bogan, St. Elizabeth’s Nurse Navigator during the segment. “This is an energetic, smart group of kids.”

Check presentation of Fox 19

Alpha Tau Omega raised the funds during their Mardi Taus event, which is a Mardi Gras themed carnival featuring family games, prizes and a live jazz band. Along with the carnival, money was raised through corporate sponsorships, a benefit dinner and a penny wars competition on campus.

"To raise money for a great cause is one of the largest aspects of our Alpha Tau Omega brotherhood. It is what brings our community and brothers closer together and really shows the capacity that all of us have as NKU students to accomplish great things,” said Alex Altevers, Alpha Tau Omega president. “Most people know someone who has had a form of cancer, so it's really inspiring to help those people in some way.  The fact that we can impact so many families by helping raise money for the Breast Center is what motivates us, and we love doing it."

Over the last four years, Alpha Tau Omega has raised a total of $110,000 from Mardi Taus— All of which has been donated to St. Elizabeth’s Women’s Health Breast Center.

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