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NKU celebrates student research, creativity April 11-15


University Marketing + Communications 

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. – At Northern Kentucky University, undergraduate students can get in a laboratory, out in the field, or up on the stage from the day they walk onto campus.

Under the guidance of faculty mentors, these students spend weeks, months, and sometimes years honing skills on the stage or on the page, and pursuing breakthroughs the field and the lab.

The fruits of those labors will be recognized and celebrated this week at the 14th annual Celebration of Student Research and Creativity, which will showcase the scholarly and creative work of hundreds of students from each of NKU’s six colleges.

“We are proud to celebrate our students, and also to recognize the faculty and staff who work tirelessly each day to help them achieve their dreams,” said President Geoffrey S. Mearns. “The flame of learning, creativity, and innovation burns bright across our campus, and our students’ talent gives me great faith in the future of our region, our state, and our country.”

Students will present scholarly research on hundreds of topics throughout the week, including: how energy drinks that claim to boost athletic performance fall short; evidence that fluoridated water may harm, not help, oral health; how electromagnetic waves behave around a black hole; and the environmental factors that may be causing chronic kidney disease among rural Sri Lankan farmers. 

The Celebration of Student Research and Creativity will also blend the scholarly and the creative, showcasing the work of the student dancers, actors, singers, musicians, artists, and photographers who study at NKU’s School of the Arts.

A two-day open house will include vocal, musical and theatre performances on Monday and Tuesday, both on and off campus. The School of the Arts launched last summer and brings a unique transdisciplinary approach that breaks down the traditional silos between arts disciplines.

On Thursday, student writers will unveil works influenced by the national author Sam Quinones, whose book Dreamland explores our region’s heroin epidemic. Quinones visited NKU in February for a writers’ workshop and will return April 18-20 for a series of events on campus and in the community.

“This event honors not only our talented students, but also our dedicated faculty. The guidance and mentoring our faculty members provide to our students is a hallmark of the educational experience at NKU, and we celebrate their commitment to student learning and achievement,” said Provost and Vice President Sue Ott Rowlands.

All Celebration of Student Research and Creativity events are free and open to the public. A schedule of events is available online at