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From Staff Congress: Roundtable results now available

TO:  NKU Staff
FR:  Katie Lovold, Staff Congress President Elect
RE:  2015 Staff Congress Roundtable

Good afternoon all!

On Oct. 16, Staff Congress hosted the annual Staff Congress Roundtable, featuring President Mearns, the administration, and other leaders across campus.

During this event, members of Staff Congress asked randomly drawn questions that had been collected from campus throughout September and October. Thanks to great responses and conversation, Staff Congress was only able to get through about 35 of the 120 questions that were submitted. 

Written responses to all questions, as well as a list of attendees, is available on the Staff Congress website. The Staff Congress roundtable has been taking place for over 20 years and is a great opportunity to bring up very important staff issues and concerns.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank a few people beginning with the members of the Roundtable committee - Denny Sickinger, Tiffany Budd, and Nick Gamble. Thank you to SGA representatives Ethan Losier and Will Weber, and Faculty Senate members Perry Bratcher and Carol Bredemeyer for taking notes during the event. Another thank you to Chartwells and the Student Union staff who helped with the event. A special thank you to President Mearns, the administration, and the leadership for their time, honesty, and willingness to be a part of this event.

But most importantly, a big thanks to the staff. This event is an opportunity to open up and to be heard and we are glad that so many of you take advantage of it. The questions and comments that were submitted show a continuing passion for this University and a desire to keep making things better, which was very refreshing to see. Thank you for that!

The questions and responses for the 2015 Staff Congress Roundtable are now available at 

Katie Lovold
President-Elect, Staff Congress
Academic Coordinator, Department of Chemistry