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During the summer a more casual and informal work dress code is acceptable. The summer casual dress timeframe starts Monday, May 11, 2015, the day after Spring Commencement, and ends Thursday, August 13, 2015, the day before the Fall Convocation.

The primary objective is to allow employees to take advantage of a more casual dress code while still projecting a neat and professional image. Staff employees are expected to consider each day's activities when determining what to wear. When you are hosting meetings, you should either refrain from wearing casual attire or let your visitors know in advance about the university’s casual dress option.

The university summer casual dress code is an effort to establish some broad parameters, however, because most departments and offices have at least some uniqueness in terms of operating needs and there are work areas where the casual day attire must be dressier than in other areas or where uniforms are required.

Supervisors are responsible for interpreting and enforcing the dress code in their areas of responsibility. This includes counseling staff if their appearance is inappropriate. Please consult with your supervisor if you are uncertain about the dress standards in your office.

Casual business wear includes pieces such as polo and cotton shirts, sweaters, and khaki pants. Jeans must be neat, clean, and free of holes and/or fraying. Regardless of the item, it is essential to avoid wearing anything that is excessively worn, frayed, or wrinkled.

The following is a list of guidelines that sets the general parameters for proper casual business wear. 

General Guidelines

  1. Safety comes first. Employees should always wear appropriate footwear and clothing to protect against injury.

  2. Business attire or uniforms are always acceptable.

  3. Good grooming and neatness are required at all times.

  4. Traditional business attire may be required when meeting with non-NKU visitors, or when best suited for the employee’s position.

  5. Sweats, shorts and tee shirts with or without logos (other than NKU logos) are unacceptable.

  6. Clothing that is revealing in the workplace is unacceptable.

  7. Each department administrative authority/supervisor is responsible for ensuring that staff knows the departmental dress standard.

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