NKU emphasizing Winter Term to help students stay on track, get ahead

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Monday – Nov. 24, 2014

In a move to help students get ahead or stay on track to graduate in four years, Northern Kentucky University announced today it will be putting stronger emphasis on its winter term this year, which consists of online courses offered during a three-week session from Dec. 15, 2014, through Jan. 6, 2015.

Winter term (http://special.nku.edu/winter) offers current students, alumni, visiting students, and lifelong learners an opportunity to complete goals or get ahead in their academic careers. Students enrolled in a winter term class are eligible to earn up to three course credits. The undergraduate and graduate courses are offered in an accelerated format allowing for intense exploration of a particular discipline, and all the courses are online. Topics range from introductory anthropology and sociology courses to upper-level courses in history and leadership.

“Winter Term is a great opportunity for students to pick up credit hours they need to keep them on pace to graduate in four years,” said NKU Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs Sue Ott Rowlands. “Students who didn’t earn 15 or more hours during the fall semester can earn three credit hours in three weeks, helping to ensure they are on track to graduate on schedule. Of course, it’s also great for students who want to graduate in less than four years.”

Dr. Jonathan McKenzie, assistant professor of political science, will be teaching an online course called Political Leadership, which will investigate politics on the federal and local level. Mr. McKenzie said he pays special attention to creating the syllabus for such an intensive course.

“We’ll be learning about what makes a good leader, and how leaders emerge,” he said. “For students it’s a good chance to get a quick and in-depth look at a topic. As a professor, I always think the onus is on me to make it more interesting and engaging when students have to work on these classes for three hours a day.”

Dr. Andrea Lambert South, graduate program director and associate professor in the Department of Communication, will also be teaching this winter. “I love teaching during the winter intersession,” she said. “I teach an online Family Communication course and it pairs perfectly with many student experiences regarding their families around the holiday season.

“Managing and negotiating family joys and tensions is a near universal experience and I have the privilege of being a able to teach a class that emphasizes what we know about family communication and deconstructs and normalizes what can seem to be impossible family members or situations,” she said. “I teach the Family Communication course all throughout the year and the winter intersession online course results in the best discussion and personal stories that exemplify the highs and lows of family life.”

Registration information is available at http://special.nku.edu/winter.

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