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Wednesday – Aug. 6, 2014

Last winter’s severe cold caused significant damage to numerous campus trees and shrubs. 

The most significant of our losses were the mature Pioneer Elms along the “Leadership Walk of Fame” above the lake, along the path from the University Center to the Business Academic Center. These trees, already damaged by Dutch Elm disease and two years of drought, are either visibly dead or stressed to a point beyond possible recovery. 

Numerous elm disease and other treatments have been applied, with no success. We have consulted with a certified arborist, a tree service and our staff-certified arborist. All have concluded without reservation that the trees cannot be saved and need to be replaced. Some of the trees have reached a stage where falling limbs is a concern. Regretfully, we will begin removal of these trees this week.

We have purchased relatively large (almost five-inch caliper) Princeton Elms to replace them. The Princeton Elm was chosen for its mature canopy and its resistance to Dutch Elm disease. The selected trees are currently about 30 feet tall and while they certainly will not match the size or immediately provide the canopy of those being removed, the new trees will provide a reasonable presence along the walk and not look like new seedlings. 

To ensure the best conditions for successfully planting the replacement trees, the Princeton Elms will be dug, transported to campus and planted in early November. The dedicatory plaques will be reinstalled in the same locations along the path.

If you have questions, please contact Larry Blake in Facilities Management at (859) 572-1927 or

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