NKU school counseling director and local counselors return to Italy this week

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Wednesday – April 16, 2014

Dr. Brett Zyromski, director of the Northern Kentucky University Master of Arts in School Counseling program, will return to Verona, Italy, along with five area professional school counselors, to expand on evidence-based school counseling work in Verona schools. The team of northern Kentucky school counselors will be working in Italian schools next week.

Dr. Zyromski and the school counselors will be sharing best practices surrounding the use of evidence-based interventions within a comprehensive school counseling program and how to evaluate those interventions. Throughout the week the team will be visiting schools in towns near Verona such as Parona and Vicenza, Italy.

Beyond sharing and modeling best practices in evidence-based school counseling, the goals of the trip include formalizing a partnership between the University of Verona and NKU as well as exploring partnerships between schools around Verona and schools in the partnering districts from northern Kentucky. The event is organized by the University of Massachusetts College of Education Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation and the psychology program at the University of Verona, represented by Dr. Jessica Bertolani.

The five area professional school counselors on the team include Jennifer Glass and Jennifer Montgomery from Dayton High School (Dayton Independent Schools), Kendilynn Madden from Tichenor Middle School (Erlanger-Elsmere Independent Schools), and Karen Delaney and Carrie Wade from Pendleton County High School (Pendleton County Schools).

“The support of local school district Superintendents Jay Brewer (Dayton), Dr. Kathy Burkhardt (Erlanger-Elsmere), and Anthony Strong (Pendleton County) is invaluable to expanding our collaborative partnerships with schools around Verona, Italy,” said Dr. Zyromski.

Dr. Zyromski is the director of the School Counseling Program at NKU and a fellow at the Ronald H. Fredrikson Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation.

He was instrumental in launching the Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference. The annual national conference, organized by the Northern Kentucky Center for Educator Excellence in conjunction with the Center for School Counseling Outcome Research and Evaluation, was last held in January at the NKU METS Center and drew about 300 attendees from 21 states. Next year’s conference is scheduled for March 26-27 and will again be hosted at the METS Center.

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