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Monday – Nov. 18, 2013

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. - Imagine 350 middle school students clapping enthusiastically, all smiling while they declare, “I feel great!” Last Friday at Northern Kentucky University, students from 10 northern Kentucky school districts participated in the annual Middle School Leadership Symposium, where they learned ways to develop their leadership skills and dispositions.

Students began their day with a keynote presentation delivered by renowned youth leadership development speaker Ted Wiese. Wiese works with thousands of students every year to teach and enhance their leadership skills. For years, the students at his presentations have laughed while they learned. His fun-filled keynotes contain contagious laughter coupled with a strong message, while his activity-oriented workshops develop student leadership skills in an energetic, highly interactive, humorous and effective manner. During his presentation, students learned about taking action, turning failures into stepping-stones for success, accepting personal responsibility for their choices and the power of making a positive different in the life of someone else.

Following the keynote presentation, students attended their choice of 12 breakout sessions focused on topics such as seizing opportunities, motivation, effective listening and the power of thank you.

The symposium was cohosted by the NKU Institute for Talent Development and Gifted Studies and the Northern Kentucky Association for Gifted Education. For further information on programs and events for gifted and talented students, contact Dr. Kimberly Code,

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