NKU comes together to get healthy and give back

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Monday – Oct. 29, 2012

NKU Comes Together to Get Healthy and Give Back

HIGHLAND HEIGHTS, Ky. – This fall Northern Kentucky University faculty, staff and students participated in the Great Plate Challenge in an effort to get healthy and give back.

The challenge, coordinated by the NKU Wellness Center, encouraged participants to make half of every meal fruits and vegetables. “It is the single most powerful thing we can do to improve our everyday diet,” said Maggie Gough, a registered dietitian and the assistant director of NKU wellness. “We wanted to provide a challenge that would help people improve their diet in a way that would also have an impact on their weight, which continues to be a concern not only for our campus but for the nation as a whole.”

In addition to the potential health benefits, the challenge motivated participants with a community component – every point earned went toward a fresh produce donation to the Brighton Center’s food pantry. Each week participants tracked their meals and submitted their total points online. Every meal consumed that was at least 50 percent produce earned one plate point. With over 14,000 plate points earned and submitted during the four-week challenge, NKU earned 1,900 pounds of fresh and healthy food generously donated by Green BEAN Delivery (http://www.greenbeandelivery.com/cincinnati).

“We are thrilled to support opportunities that promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle while partnering to give back to the community,” said John Freeland, vice president of Green BEAN Delivery. The organization’s website notes that Green BEAN Delivery is whole-heartedly “dedicated to the success and sustainability of non-profits in our community. We donate to several non-profit organizations through food donations and contributions to fundraising events. Our champion cause is hunger relief, but we also participate in helping organizations that champion health and wellness in our communities.”

Talia Frye, from Brighton’s Family Center praised the partnership between NKU and Green BEAN Delivery. “Donations like these in addition to the existing standing donation from the Green BEAN-NKU partnership are tremendous support to help us fulfill our mission. People who utilize our pantry are very grateful for the opportunity to get healthy food for their families.”

But the challenge doesn't end here. Now in the third week after the campaign has concluded, the NKU Wellness Center continues to receive positive feedback from faculty, staff and students. They encourage the campus community to continue striving to make every meal 50 percent produce, a simple way to work toward achieving a healthy lifestyle.

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