Wetlands Management (Professional)

Learn key techniques for managing wetlands, a critcal part of the natural environment.

Required Courses
Career Development Student Learning Outcomes

Wetland Plant Identification

Wetland Delineation

One elective


Offered in-person at the NKU Research and Education Field Station (REFS).


Contact: Dr. Richard Durtsche, durtsche@nku.edu


Wetlands are a critical part of our ecosystem, abating flooding and regulating waterways. The Wetlands Management micro-credential will teach students how to identify wetland plants, as well as ways to delineate wetlands thorough investigation of critical areas. This micro-credential is a specific effort of the NKU Research and Education Field Station (REFS).

Learn species identification from live and preserved specimens.

Learn field techniques in flagging, mapping, and establishing wetlands boundaries; survey techniques using a Trimble® differential GPS; and how to identify hydrology and hydric soil indicators.

Learn standard site survey and habitat quality evaluations (elective option).

Learn both long-term trap station and rapid assessment methods of monitoring amphibians; amphibian species identification from live and preserved specimens and from anuran vocalization; anuran species reproductive phenology assessment using a Kaleidoscope audiospectrogram program with digital sound files (elective option).

Learn to field-identify invasive species and how to properly control and eradicate invasive species for habitat management (elective option).

Learn mitigation planning and design, aquatic and wetlands permitting, and field techniques in habitat restoration (elective option).