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About This Micro-Credential

Two business people in suits having a conversation

Improve on written and spoken communication skills that are essential for success in the workforce.

Explore theory in the areas of interpersonal, organizational and business communication and explore the practical application of those theories.

Learn How to Apply

Skills You Will Gain

Interpersonal Communication

Organizational Communication

Workplace Communication

Business Communication

Learning Outcomes

  • Be able to understand and apply interpersonal and organizational communication theory in workplace contexts.
  • Effectively communicate in both written and oral forms at a variety of levels, from informal interpersonal interactions to formal, professional, large-group interactions.

Required Courses

  • COM 620 - Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 604 - Organizational Communication
  • COM 603 - Business Communication


Jennifer Bachner, PhD
Dr. Jessica Kratzer
Workplace Communication, First semester offered: Spring 2018


Northern Kentucky University
Local: +1 (859) 572-5825