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Steely Library’s mission and vision statements were written in 2018. More recently, the library initiated a significant transformation to better align with NKU’s Success by Design Framework. We invite you to check back soon for updates.


Transforming people through information.


By focusing on our skills and perspectives, Steely Library will gain recognition for the unique value we provide in preparing individuals to succeed in a global information society.

Data Dashboard

Explore information about the library’s collections, services, and spaces visually on our data dashboard. 

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Campus Engagement

We engage with campus stakeholders in various ways. Two formal mechanisms include the Board of Student Stakeholders and the Faculty Advisory Board.
student stakeholders

Board of Student Stakeholders

The Board of Student Stakeholders (BOSS), established in 2020, is a committee of students who meet monthly to provide input on library services, policies, collections, spaces, programming, and technology. Members of BOSS provide feedback on current library initiatives and serve as ambassadors and advocates for the library. They work together every year to complete a $3,000 library improvement project of their choice.

faculty stakeholders

Faculty Advisory Board

The Faculty Advisory Board (FAB), established in 2020, includes faculty representatives from the various schools/colleges, classifications, and ranks. The goal is to generate dialogue about library initiatives, services, collections, spaces and for teaching faculty to serve as library advocates.