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Psychological Science

Psych Mentors
Psi Chi Induction 2019
Psi Chi Induction 2021

Why do people think, feel, and act as they do?

These are the questions that psychology and the scientific study of behavior and mental processes -- attempts to answer.  The NKU Psychological Science Department offers core courses on the major perspectives in the discipline (e.g., biological, cognitive, social) and fascinating elective courses on topics such as behavioral genetics, sleep, human sexuality, and criminal justice. 

Psychological Science majors have access to an approachable faculty and two computer labs, plus the opportunity to join an award-winning student organization, earn course credit for psychology-related work, and to fulfill degree requirements by studying abroad.  A major in psychological science is good preparation for any career that requires dealing with people.  Click here to see what some of our alumni have done.

Who can you be with a psychology degree