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The third floor of the Health Innovation Center is host to the Innovation Lab (Makerspace) and Health Technology Lab. The Innovation Lab provide faculty, staff, and students with resources such as 3D printers and a green screen. The Lab can be reserved by contacting Lauren Jennings at The Health Technology Lab is home to a variety of advanced technology such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality equipment.

3D printer

Innovation Lab

A variety of faculty have used the Innovation Lab for projects to support their research. Read their stories below:

"Dr. Mester and I are printing 3D images of various viruses for the current upper level virology class to be able to visual concepts of the icosahedon enclosure of the genetic material. Seeing the structure in 3 D in hand is useful. We are using models based on the National Institute of Health." - Dr. Alan Cohen

"The Radiologic Science Program is using the Makerspace to replicate a 2000 year old child mummy from Egypt that is currently housed in the Cincinnati Museum Center. We produced a replica of the mummy for the museum center to display as an exhibit, but we have produced another for our own personal exhibit. We used a poly lactic acid (PLA) material, which is a biodegradeable thermoplastic that is made from sugar cane. We were approached by the museum center to reproduce the mummy into a more durable material for their exhibits. Dr. Tom Baxter (Respiratory Care Program) put us in contact with the museum center and helped us set up a time to bring the mummy over for radiographic and computed tomography imaging, which provided the data for the 3D prints. Students in the Radiologic Science Program were given the opportunity to perform the imaging procedures on the mummy and create the data for the print. Two students from the third-year class (Ryan Chitwood and Annie Boytim) volunteered to assist in creating the 3D models and a poster presentation that was presented at the Celebration of Student Research and Creativity event held at NKU and eventually selected to present their finding to the Board of Regents. The materials and supplies used to print the replicas were funded by a research grant submitted by Dr. Tom Baxter through IHI. A replica of the mummy will be on display in the Dean’s Suite on the fourth floor of Founders Hall in the near future." - Dr. Jason Applegate

"I am currently doing some test prints of a Madagascar hissing cockroach that Jason scanned with the human CT scanner. My ultimate goal is to be able to scan and print detailed diagnostic morphological features of insects. In particular, the male genitalia of flies is often the best feature to allow species level identifications." - Dr. Gregory Dahlem

Student looking through AR device


The Health Technology Lab contains state-of-the-art equipment that can be used for health education. There is a 3D printer and several 3D models and tools as well as Virtual Reality equipment, including a Vive Pro supplied with several educational VR applications.

The space contains:

  • A 3D printer
  • 3D printed models, training tools, a prosthetic hand, assistive living tools, and real-world objects scanned and printed in 370        
  • An Oculus Rift (VR headset )
  • A Vive Pro (VR headset)
  • A Vive Focus plus (Wireless VR headset)