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What is Teen Health Science Cafe?

A series of free, fun events for high school students to talk with local scientists and NKU Faculty about current cutting-edge ideas in health, science, and technology over food and refreshments. Teachers are invited to start a cafe for their students with the help of the Institute for Health Innovation. A core group of Youth Leaders, with the committed mentorship of an adult, plan and run the café themselves.

Through the Health Science Café, high school students gain a new understanding of the basic science they learn in school attain a real-world perspective of what science is, how it is carried out, and its enormous impacts. Teens also develop a much more realistic and positive perception of scientists and faculty, get a glimpse of the exciting lives they lead and learn that they are authentic, complex, multidimensional humans like them.

If you are interested in learning more about the THSC program please fill out the Teacher interest form to setup your school as a THSC location!