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STEM+H Educator Open House at NKU

Get a behind-the-scenes look at NKU's new Health Innovation Center, including our high-tech Simulation Center, while getting an opportunity to learn about programs for you and your students offered by NKU's faculty & staff.

During a behind-the-scenes look at NKU’s new Health Innovation Center, you will encounter thoughtfully designed spaces that create a safe learning environment where NKU students practice real-life healthcare situations. Learn about the opportunities these spaces provide to K-12 students, including a visit to our high-tech Simulation Center. Various departments from campus will be on-hand to give a look into our unique space and provide information on how you and your students can be involved on and off-campus.

Concurrent Sessions

All sessions are offered during each time block listed below. The CINSAM sessions are 40 min long and will span over both Session 1 & 2 or Session 3 & 4. If that is your preference, select CINSAM for Session 1 and leave Session 2 blank OR Session 3 and leave Session 4 blank.

4:30 – 4:45 pm: Check-in & Exhibit Tables

4:45 – 5:05 pm: Concurrent Session 1

5:05 – 5:25 pm: Concurrent Session 2

5:25 – 5:45 pm: Concurrent Session 3

5:45 – 6:05 pm: Concurrent Session 4

6:05 – 6:30 pm: Closing Ceremony



Presenter: Christa Speights

Grade Level: Elementary, Middle & High School More details to come.

Respiratory Care

Presenter: Alicia Ireton

Grade Level: High School

Get a sneak peek at a session we offer during our High School field trips. This session includes a brief introduction about the field and what RTs do and where they can work, as well as a demo of each station students visit during their field trip:

Station 1: Pulse oximetry  

Station 2: Breath sound simulator machine

Station 3: Airway management and bag-valve-mask ventilation

Station 4: Airway clearance and high frequency oscillating vest


Presenter: Leslie Silbernagel

Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, and High School

STEM2U a FREE program for any elementary or middle school classroom teachers. Each week, NKU’s Center for Integrative Natural Sciences and Mathematics (CINSAM) STEM Outreach team present live STEM lessons that engage elementary and middle school students in inquiry based, hands-on activities with rich STEM content. During this session participants will learn more about the STEM2U program, how to register and how to access previous lessons via recordings. The presenters will also lead attendees through an engaging sample lesson. You don’t want to miss this fun and informative presentation!

Gifted & Talented

Presenter: Kimberly Clayton-Code          

Grade Level: Elementary, Middle & High School

Join us to learn more about opportunities with NKU’s Institute for Talent Development and Gifted Studies. We will share resources such as the Camp Innovation Pathways to College Programs (K-8), DreamFest Conference (5-8), and collaboration with Young Women LEAD Clubs and Conferences (9-12). Each of these programs works to develop critical and creative thinking while provided STEM learning opportunities.

Simulation Center

Presenter: Rami Leventhal

Grade Level: High School

Check out the behind the scenes of our High School field trips with a CPR station. Participants of this demonstration will learn about the importance of quality CPR and certification, and get the chance to perform hands only CPR with objective and dynamic feedback. You will also experience taking care of one of our high fidelity simulation manikins who is experiencing different respiratory problems.

Nursing Skills Lab

Presenter: Beth Hickey

Grade Level: High School

During this behind-the-scenes look at our High School field
trips, Nursing faculty will share a short discussion on what health care
providers do and what courses are important to take in high school to be
prepared for college courses in healthcare careers. They will also review the
several stations set up for the students’ experience: gauze wrapping, removing
staples, NG insertion, taking blood pressure, temperature, oxygen saturation,
and listening to heart sounds/lung sounds on mannequins.

Radiologic Science

Presenter: Joe Cress

Grade Level: High School

Get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Radiologic Science Lab and experience the hands-on activities our students see on their tours. View the equipment NKU students learn from and try out your skills with guidance from our Radiologic Science faculty.

Cybersecurity Outreach

Presenter: Ankur Chattopadhyay            

Grade Level: High School

View demo(s) of educational apps/activities provided by the GenCyber grant program intended for cybersecurity educational outreach with high school teachers. Over 20 teachers in our region have participated in this program. Also, learn about the Computer Science department’s majors and programs to take information back to your students.

YHealth Institute for Health Innovation

Presenter: Amanda Andrews

Grade Level: Elementary, Middle, and High School

YHealth Is a collection of FREE programs for any elementary to high school student, parents, and teachers. We have designed STEM+H learning kits and a Health Science Book Club for elementary teachers and students. Teachers will learn about the various learning kits which can be used in their classroom. For the book club each month during the summer, elementary students and families will receive a box with a Health centered Topic. By engaging students with activities promoting  STEM+H content, we can provide an environment of critical and creative learning towards innovative health literacy.


NKU Admissions

College of Health and Human Services

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Health and Technology Lab

Office of Community Connections

Institute for Health Innovation

Butterfly’s Touch – chair massages