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Part A

        After visiting his family doctor, Hayden’s parents called both specialists to try to schedule appointments. The GI doctor was booked for a few months, but there was an opening at the end of this week to see a psychiatrist. Now with school starting in only a few weeks, Hayden became more and more nervous about his seemingly never-ending symptoms. The last thing he wanted was to feel nauseous and feverish while starting high school. He had heard of what a psychiatrist was before, but didn’t know why he needed to see one. Was something wrong with him? What are they going to talk about during the appointment? These questions kept Hayden up every night up until his appointment that Friday morning. 

        On Friday, Hayden woke up feeling the worst he had ever felt. He could barely lift himself out of bed since he hadn’t slept much the past few nights, plus he wasn’t eating as much as usual. His blood sugar was low, which caused his hands to shake even more than they already had been. During the drive to the new doctor’s office, he kept thinking to himself that something must be wrong with him-- that he was broken somehow. His mom noticed that he was tense and tried to reassure him by saying, “Don’t be nervous, Hayden. She is just another doctor and she wants to help you.” While he understood that his Mom was trying to make him feel better, it just made him feel like everyone knew what was wrong with him except for him. 

Make sure you complete the FOCUS QUESTIONS in SECTION 3A on your hand out.

Hayden at the Psychiatrist

Hayden at the Psychiatrist

Part B

Listen to the audio clips below, where Dr. Reynolds talks with Hayden. 

→ EMBEDDED AUDIO CLIP 1 (see script)

     After listening to Dr. Reynolds explain what she does, he did feel better about talking to her. He still wondered, though, how would she help him when all of his symptoms were happening to his body and not in his mind? His rapid heart rate, lack of appetite, inability to sleep, and everything else didn’t have to do with his mind, did it? She started to ask him if there was anything in his life that could cause any anxiety. They talked back and forth for a while and Dr. Reynolds eventually was able to diagnose Hayden. Listen to the audio clip below regarding her thoughts and follow along in section 3B of your CHART to answer any questions. 

→ EMBEDDED AUDIO CLIP 2 (see script)

Make sure you complete the FOCUS QUESTIONS in SECTION 3B on your hand out.