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National Society for Minorities in Honors


7th Annual Conference | October 13-15, 2022 | Northern Kentucky University

“Breaking Down Boundaries: Disrupting Honors and the Future of Honors Education.”

The Honors College at Northern Kentucky University welcomes you to the 7th Annual National Society for Minorities in Honors Conference, which will take place on the NKU campus between October 13 and 15, 2022.  The conference begins at noon on Thursday and ends Saturday at noon.

Over the past decade, honors educators have sought to broaden the community and reimagine honors as an enhancement that can enrich the lives of a more diverse and more inclusive student population. Some programs and colleges have broadened their offerings to include anti-racist pedagogies, to embrace social justice movements, and to collectively push institutions of higher education to become more inclusive places. Others have essentially opened their doors to any student who wants to join. In other words, honors education in the United States has changed dramatically over the past one hundred years.

While honors education has taken great strides to become a more inclusive and diverse community, there is much more work left to do. How can honors programs and colleges work together to influence change and become more inclusive? How can honors programs collaborate beyond the honors community to lead in these efforts?  What does the next ten years look like for honors education in the United States? How can honors transform the institutions within which we are located?

The conference program committee invites panels, workshops, and roundtables that might provide examples of how programs or colleges are engaged in this work, as well as, presentations that seek to challenge the institutional boundaries that prevent future work from occurring. We also welcome proposals that are of general interest