New Honors Learning Communities for Fall 2019:

In conjunction with our campus and community partners, the Honors College seeks to customize its course offerings to meet the needs of motivated students who seek to serve the region after graduation.

The Honors College works to collaborate with faculty, staff, and the greater northern Kentucky region to provide enriched academic opportunities for its students. Some of these opportunities include learning communities, wherein eighteen to twenty students are selected to participate in common coursework and co-curricular activities. For those who wish to live on campus, the Honors College also hosts a residential component as part of our extensive living community in Callahan Hall; however, students are not required to live in Callahan Hall to participate in these communities.

Honors Housing

The NKU Honors Community is open to full-time undergraduate students who are invited into the NKU Honors Program or are the recipient of an academic scholarship. 

This community of creative and academically motivated scholars wish to develop a successful network by creating lifelong, supportive relationsihps through proactive and interactive programming designed specifically for student needs. 

This community also provides students with the knowledge of opportunities and resources available on campus. 

Have you been invited to join the NKU Honors program or are you the recipient of an academic schoalarship, remember to select the NKU Honors Community on your Housing Application!