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While you will have an individual faculty instructor for your HNR 101 and 102 courses, we take a team approach to the honors First Year Experience. We want you to get to know each and every faculty member, staff member, and peer mentor because we are all here to support you. We all work together to develop the seminars and ensure that you are gaining the most from you honors classes. Get to know us better by checking out our profiles below.


Naomi Belanger
James Buss
Olivia Curtis
Callie Elder
Kylie Griffey
Casey King
Samantha Mason
Ariel Porter
Paige Sefton
Gannon Tagher
Jeff Varrone
Rachel Zlatkin
Brittany Bihl
Victoria Butcher
Nicole Dillard
Emily Farrell
Parker Kain
Tonya Krouse
Abby Miller
Nathan Price
Alexandra Shugart
Megan Taylor
Steven Weiss
Elena Bonitz
Katie Clough
Megan Downing
Andrea Gazzaniga
Isaiah Kelly
Angela Kyntchev
Rebecca Noel
Brianna Quarles
Cornelius Smal
Julianna Thompson
Leanne Wood
Julia Bottoms
Isaiah Cook
Hannah Edelen
Elisabeth Goodin
David Kime
Krystal Lozano
Madelyn Parks
Amaya Rowe
Kendyll Smith
Onyinye Uwolloh
Jake Yoder